La Molina Piste Map

La Molina Piste Ski Map

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La Molina Ski Resort Piste Ski Map

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La Molina & Masella in Brief

  • Number of Ski Pistes: 131
  • Km of Ski Pistes: 145 km
  • Type of Ski Pistes: 29 Green Pistes, 42 Blue Pistes, 44 Red Pistes, 16 Black Pistes
  • Ski Lifts: 33 - 1 Gondola, 13 Chair Lifts, 19 Surface Lifts
  • Parks & Pipes: 1 Boardercross,1
    Sled trail, 1 Fun Park, 1 Snowshoes circuit, 1 Superpipe, 1 Children area, 3 Big Air Bags, 1 Competition Stadium, 6 Disabled skiers ski slopeircuits, 3 Snowparks



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