Jahorina Piste Map

Jahorina Piste Map

Download the latest Jahorina Piste Map.

Jahorina Piste Map

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Jahorina Ski Resort In Brief

  • Km of Pistes: 40 km
  • Number of Pistes: 9
  • Longest Piste: 2,041m
  • Number of Ski Lifts: 9
  • Night Skiing: Yes
  • Highest Ski Lift: 1,889m

Website: https://oc-jahorina.com

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Piste Map | Trysil in Norway.

Trysil Ski Resort, NorwayTrysil Ski Resort in Norway comprises four interconnected ski areas; Høgegga, Skihytta, Trysil Turistsenter and Trysil Høyfjellssenter.

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