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How to get from Airport to Ski Resort

How to get from Airport to Ski Resort

It's Not Quite a Jaguar

pop quiz: driving around Camden Town in a Morris Minor; you must be mad!

Book a package holiday and the transfer is included - easy. However, nowadays many of us book flights and accommodation independently; if you do, don't forget your transfer.

Car Hire to a Ski Resort

In most ski resorts of Europe you won't need a car during your holiday; free resort buses are usually included with your lift pass. So, hiring a car for the duration of your trip is a bit of a waste. Many ski resorts do not have an abundance of covered parking either.

Public Transport to a Ski Resort

Whilst a number of ski resorts are trying to improve their eco-credentials and encouraging us to use trains and buses; practically, after already having spent the good part of a day getting from home to your destination airport, you'd really like the last leg to be easy. There are a few resorts close to major train/bus routes, but most will involve at least a couple of changes and lots of luggage faff.

ski-lifts organise trouble free transfers to ski resorts

Private Transfers to Ski Resorts

A growing number of small operators are specialising in private and shared transfers between an airport and a ski resort. Owners of mini-buses, coaches and taxis are all available to you; but how do you find them?

The Answer is Ski-Lifts

Piste-Maps has teamed up with Ski-Lifts to help ensure the last leg of your journey to your ski resort is effortless and good value.

Founded in 2003, Ski-Lifts are an award-winning airport transfer operator transporting over 60,000 passengers to over 200 ski resorts in Europe and North America. In each ski resort, they search out all the transfers available, from private or shared transfers, to coaches, executive cars and limousines, to ensure you get all the options and the best deals.

To try Ski-Lifts out for yourself and get a no obligation quote: click here.

pop trivia: 'Madness' released 'Driving in My Car' in 1982. The single reached No. 4 in the UK chart.

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