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It’s a Cover Up | Men's Ski T-shirt with added Stealth

It’s a Cover Up | Men's Ski T-shirt with added Stealth

The Air is Getting Thinner with Every Breath That I Take

pop quiz: it is the day when sports men and women wear suits

Black Ops Long Sleeved Ski T-shirt

Classic-cut long sleeve shirt for men, 100% cotton, Brand: Hanes

The ski season may, or may not, have ended for this year, but it is always a good time to think about your ski wardrobe.

This classic long sleeve men’s T-shirt cuts a fine shape and is ideal for night time in a ski resort or at this Summer’s festivals. With its black on black design it is discrete yet distinctive.

Available from Spreadshirt, click image for prices, colours, sizes and other details.

pop trivia: From 'Suits' to 'BBC Sports Personality of the Year', 'Stealth's' track 'Judgement Day' from 2016 is the anthem.

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