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Line of Descent; the 68th Warren Miller Ski Film

Line of Descent; the 68th Warren Miller Ski Film

Since Your Descent, Your Descent

pop quiz: they are not marching, but coming; on the day when you too are jealous

To many of us notification of the annual ski film fest from Warren Miller is the notification that the ski season is upon us.

Line of Descent Ski Resorts

This time around, the 68th time around!, Warren Miller teams have skied in:

With reports of snow already falling in many parts of the Alps and across North America you can begin to feel the chill in the air.

Keep a look out for Warren Miller Ski Film tour dates near you soon.

Also, check out the best of this season's great ski films, according to Outside Magazine here.

pop trivia: 'Green Day' and 'U2' collaborated in 2006 in aid of relief post Hurricane Katrina; they chose to cover 'The Saints are Coming' by 'The Skids'.

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