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How Do You Hold Your Ski Poles?

How Do You Hold Your Ski Poles?

Maybe Get a Blister on your Thumb

pop quiz: things look bleak when you are paid without cause

When there is talk about ski safety the discussion invariably turns towards helmets or knee injuries – but what about the overlooked ‘thumb’?

Over the years I’ve had several innocuous tumbles when out skiing, usually in powder, that have seen me struggling to get myself back upright, brushing myself down, to rid myself of the snowman look, but then carrying on with my ski day as if nothing had happened. However, invariably something did happen, I sprained my thumb as it somehow got tangled up in the mêlée of ski poles and skis!

Sometimes I still have my poles in my hands, sometimes not. Anyway, you’ve guessed it, I’ve done it again, so thought I’d investigate if there is a recommended way to hold poles safely – it appears not.

So, I did a survey...

Just two very quick questions. How do you hold your ski poles and why. Whether it is because you were told to, you’ve found it the most comfortable; you think it’s the safest or some other reason.

The Options for Holding a Ski Pole

Options for how to hold Ski Poles Safely

  • A – Keep the thumb out of the strap; then hold one side of the strap against the pole with the fingers.
  • B – Put the whole hand through the strap; then hold both sides of the strap against the pole with the hand.
  • C – Just put the thumb through the strap, holding one side of the strap against the pole with it.
  • D – Don’t use the strap; leave them dangling free.
  • E – Don’t use the strap; hold both sides against the pole with the hand.
  • F – Put the whole hand through the strap; keeping the strap around the wrist and clear of the pole.

Survey Results will appear in a Blog Post soon.

pop trivia: “Maybe get a blister on your thumb” from ‘Money for Nothing’ found on the 1985 Album ‘Brothers in Arms’ by Dire Straits.

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